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By dashastro, Oct 30 2021 10:02AM

Friday the 29th October 2021 saw a small reduced outreach team attend the 2021 Norwich Science Festaval at the Forum Norwich, to demonstrat and talk about many aspects of Asto Science.

David, Lynn, Jim amd newby Chris Mead spent an enjoyable 8 hour session chating to all ages on the relevance of science in astronomy. this was the fourth year contributing to the NSF and each as enjoyable as the last.

By dashastro, Sep 6 2021 11:02AM

Sunday the 5th September saw our first Observing session for over 18 months. It was held on the Dark Skies Discovery Site on Wesleton Common as our prime observing site was uavailable to us.

We had 11 members with a variety if scopes and binoculars, and we were treated to a range on night time objects, which included Jupiter, Saturn, variuos double stars, as well as Galaxies and Nebular, not to mention horizon to horizon milky way.

Many thanks to those that turned out for what can only be described as a spectacular Observing Session.

By dashastro, Jul 11 2021 03:44PM

The DASH Astro Solar Outreach Team have been busy with the first outreach session of 2021. the first outreach sinch Covid restrictions were in place and since Jan 2020 and our last Family Stargazing.

We visited Dunwich Heath NT site where we set up our Solar equipment, which was all modified for distance viewing via laptop screens of live images of the sun,

Special thanks to DAN and LLoyd of the N.T. for there help organise the day and to those taking part, David Gwynn, Linda Gwynn, David Murton, Roy Anderson and Bill Barton for the great work done under challenging weather conditions.

By dashastro, Jan 19 2020 11:01AM

Last night a DASH Astro team of amateur astronomers were out at Dunwich Heath and Beach National Trust site for a Family Stargazing Evening. Starting at 5:00pm just as it started to get properly dark. Starting with views of Venus, the evening progressed with a verity of scopes ranging from a 14" Dob to a 125mm Schmit Cass. And Binoculars trained on various night sky objects, ranging from the Orion Nebular, Pleiades, two Galaxies, ( M81 & M82 ) in the same eyepiece, to splitting the Castor double in Gemini.

Families of all ages, were treated to views of the night skies that many never get the chance to see. Four generations of one family even got to see quite a spectacular meteor, while another mature lady, asked "when and how could she see he Milky Way", luckily I was able to say, Now, and look up. She gave me a strange look, until I directed her gaze to the ribbon of brighter sky, passing right over her head.

The joy on youngsters faces when they look through a telescope for the first time, is what makes standing at a scope, with a queue of people and impatient youngsters, in 0 degrees C, for nearly 3 hours, all worth while.

Meanwhile David and Linda Gwynn were wowing the crouds with a continuous flow if interesting talks on the night sky, including Black Holes....

Well done the whole team, David and Linda Gwynn, Alison and Glenn Chapman, Dave Green, Malcolm and Eileen Pinder, Roy Anderson, Chris Bailey, Bill Barton and Ian Lomas

By dashastro, Oct 27 2019 09:27AM

The DASH Astro Outreach Team have been busy. On the 23rd and 24th Oct we were at the National Trusts Sutton Hoo site for two evenings of talks and Family Stargazing.Unfortunately the events were dogged by bad weather. the Wednesday we had rain all night, but David kept the public enthrawled with his talks on the solar system, the universe and black holes. The Thursday night was a bit better, just cloud no rain.... again David did his talks this time to a smaller audience, but, just as we were packing up at about 8:30 the clouds started to clear, unfortunately some had already left, but we were able to give a few views of the heavens.

On Saturday 26th Oct the team were out in force again, this time an all-day Norwich Science Festival, at the Forum. A long and enjoyable day with the usual Astro science on display along with David M and his Astro Photography, and Dave Green and his 3D photos and Guinness Book, record winning Highest Paper Plane flight display and video.

A big thank you to all the team that turn out at there own expense to put on these events.

David Gwynn, Linda Gwynn, David Murton, Dave Green, Bill Barton, Roy Anderson, Emily Challis.

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