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Suffolk Science Festival 20th February 2019

By dashastro, Feb 21 2019 03:18PM

Yet another busy day for a small group of the DASH Astro Outreach Team, at the Suffolk Science Festival in Bury St. Edmunds. Wednesday was Physics day, and we were at the Apex Theatre, with our usual Spectroscopy display. Jim manned the spectrographs, giving visitors from 3 to 90 a glimpse of spectra from high pressure sodium and low energy lamps and even the full spectra of the sun ( while it was shining through the windows ) Linda was kept busy with "children's corner" with a steady stream of youngsters waiting to try and complete one of a number of solar system jigsaw puzzles. Dave Murton was on hand with his Astronomy Photography display which had numerous visitors speaking advice on how to capture images of "Super Moons". A welcome addition was Dave Green with his "How do we measure the Universe" demonstrations and 3D images of parts of the moon. David Gwynn was acting as catch all, with explanations of " Life, The Universe and anything else astronomical wth the aid of our other display boards. A great draw for the crowds was the 7m diameter illuminated model of the moon in the main auditorium, but they missed a trick by not having anyone giving commentary or guided tours showing Apollo landing sites and the new Chinese rover on the dark side of the moon.

All in all we had a great and very busy day, with lots of lessons learnt by the organisers for next year's event.

Feb 22 2019 10:37PM by David Gwynn

Fully support Jim’s comments. A very full and exhausting day but very productive. Astronomy is a superb vehicle for promoting physics/science. If invited again next year we would do our very best to contribute.

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