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Observing. Sunday 11-11-18 Westleton Common

By dashastro, Nov 12 2018 11:02PM

Observing. Sunday 11-11-18 Westleton Common, Suffolk. ( a Dark Sky Discovery Site )

Arrived at the site at 18:45 to a sky full stars and a full arc of the Milky Way.

Took my time just finding my way around the sky, in awe of the magnificence of the sight of the heavens from a dark sky site. During the evening I was joined by members of our society, aged between 12 and mature 😂 some astrophotographers, some observers like me and some just along to see the heavens through a telescope.

No wishing to sound like a shopping list, but items viewed included but not limited to.

The Milky Way the full arc horizon to horizon. Mars, M8-M82 Bodes and Cigar Galaxies in Ursa Major, M13 a Globular Cluster in Hercules, M57 a Ring Nebular in Lyra, M15 a Globular Cluster in Pegasus, M29 an Open Cluster also an asterism called the Cooling Tower, Split Alberio A&B in Cygnus, Split Mizar in Ursa Major ( not Mizar and Alcor ) great views of M45 the Pleiades, M31 the Andromeda Galaxy with its neighbour M32 as well as The Double Cluster in Perseus naked eye. We were also lucky to see a few Meteors.

The clouds rolled in about 20:30 so we decamped back to the village Hall to chat and drink Tea and Coffee

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