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Dunwich Heath NT Family Stargazing 16&17th Nov 2018

By dashastro, Nov 18 2018 11:35AM

Once again the DASH outreach team were out in force for two evenings of Family Stargazing at the Dunwich Heath National Trust Site, Suffolk.

Friday night was beset with low cloud and light mist/drizzle, but those that did turn out were treated to talks by David Gwynn and David Murton and a host of childrens activities with Michelle Barja and her boys.

Saturday evening was a whole different ball game. Having been treated to unbroken sunshine since dawn, we arrived on site to set up just after sundown with a half Moon and Mars already shining high in the sky.

As well as the talks by David Gywynn and David Murton they were joined with a talk by David Green and the childrens activities with Michelle.

We had 9 scopes on duty showing a veriety of night sky objects from the Moon with its craters and Mars, to M31 Andromeda Galaxy, M81-M82 Bodes and Cigar Galaxies, M45 Pleiades, M57 the Ring Nebular, M29 an open Cluster in the shape of a Cooling Tower, NGC 457 another open cluster in the shape of an OWL,

other objects were selected as the Moon processed across the night sky. a bit of high cloud drifted across the sky late in the session, but it didn't detract from the enjoyment of the Oooos and Wow's from adults and children alike and those that viewed the night sky after David G's talk were wowed to see the objects in the eyepiece that had been shown on the talk.

Major thanks to the whole team, David Gwynn, Linda Gwynn, Dave Murton, Dave Green, Michelle Barja and boys for the work inside, Dave Green and friend, Bill Barton, Richerd Grueber and grandson, John Whistlecraft, Jeremy startup and daughter, Malcolm and Eileen Pinder, Myles Kelly for there work out in the dark and cold. special thanks to Lynn for her tea runs and Irene and clive for home baked biscuits.

We cannot finish without mentioning the help and support from the Dunwich Heath National Trust Staff especially Sue who got up from her sick bed Saturday night to be on hand if needed.

Jim Slight

Nov 18 2018 06:30PM by David Gwynn

A great example of astronomy outreach at its best! A great effort by all DASH Astro astronomers and full support by NT staff Alison and Sue. Thanks to all.

Nov 18 2018 10:48PM by Irene

Everyone was so welcoming and friendly to the visitors. Superb teaching. A great atmosphere, inside and out. Much jollity, which showed that DASH members - and astronomy - are not stuffy. It really was a star party. Very impressed by our clever astronomers.

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